I’ll just go ahead and get this out of the way.  This sucker was pure Wisconsin cheddar, and absolutely loved parts of it.  Sure, I’d rather the show was consistent, but this was fun.  Things started out with the gang bopping around New York, singing about the city and it’s charms.  And their wardrobe was adorbs.  I’m not sure, however, that I can buy Rachel, of all people, buying fake tickets to the long since closed Cats from a homeless man who swiped her credit card through his butt crack..  That seems like much more of a Brit-Brit move.

It was hard to swallow the idea that Mr. Schue would let them get all the way to NYC (nice plug for The Intercontinental Hotel, by the way) without having any songs written.  And did we really need the sillness of “My Cup”? Wasn’t “My Headband” a few weeks back bad enough?  Clearly, this writing staff is running out of ideas.

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