We’re nearing the end of the season, and it probably can’t come soon enough for our two devoted yet frustrated Glee-cappers here at spunkybean.  We saw a few glimmers of hope in this week’s Prom episode, but sometimes, we feel like it just doesn’t matter anymore.  Maybe we should just watch the show, shake our heads at the absurdity and smile at the songs?  Yes, that’s probably it. 


So it was finally Prom night on Glee, and the focus was on our various couplings, with the small, added conceit that Air Supply cancelled on Figgins, so he needed New Directions to fill in as the entertainment.  Hey, it netted them $400 for the Nationals slush fund so no complaints!  So here’s my take on what went down with each twosome at McKinley’s 2011 Junior Prom.

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