I have to say though, in spite of all the Velveeta, I did enjoy Artie’s rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely” as his prom proposal to Brittany. It was very sweet and anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot in my heart for that little nerd anyway. I did appreciate the line, “I thought this song was about a baby,” especially since that was exactly what I said to my roommate as the song began…with my mouth full…man, that was good cheese! Speaking of Artie, I thought the interrogation scenes with Sue after he spiked her prom punch were fun. Other than that, I got nothing but a case of senior-itis, spring fever, something. Maybe I’m backed up because of all the cheese, but I have nothing left to give to this episode. It kind of made me want to watch Pretty in Pink. (“It’s Prom, Blaine!”) Then again, there are very few things that don’t make me want to watch Pretty in Pink.

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