Finn & Quinn–The Queen Bitch was officially knocked off her throne, and I’m just happy we’re done with the whole endeavor.  I don’t know what else to say about her at this point.  And Finn…dear, sweet, hormonally-charged Finn.  He really only wants Rachel when he doesn’t have her, and in particular, when someone else is sniffing around.  His reaction to Rachel’s ballad was annoying.  I think we’d all benefit from everyone getting off the damn Finchel rollercoaster already.  All three of these characters deserve and are capable of better.  I’m actually all for the three of them being friends.

Sam & Mercedes–While not technically a couple, this duo at least got a couple nice moments.  Sam shined while singing one of the dumbest songs ever, Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, with Puck and Artie, while Mercedes looked lovely and had a cool duet with Santana on “Dancing Queen” to close the show. I certainly hope Mercedes gets a quality storyline sometime in the near future, though I’m indifferent on Sam at this point.  One question: if Rachel, Sam, Jesse and Mercedes were all going to dress for, eat prior to and attend Prom for $20, were the actual tickets free?  

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