Santana/Karofsky/Kurt/Blaine–This foursome was the heart of the hour, and, it bears mentioning that Santana has taken Sue’s spot as the funniest character on the show.  Her delivery of “Teen Gay, you may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence!” was better than any ludicrous thing Sue uttered in the episode, except for when she called Will’s hair a “head mirkin”.  That was great, and it pretty much shut Will up for the remainder of the hour.  (Oh, and I liked the “Run Joey Run” callback, by both Sue and Rachel!)

So, it turns out that Blaine was beat up at a Sadie Hawkins dance he attended with a guy at his old school, so he’s tentative about going to Prom.  Kurt, AKA “gay Braveheart” is all about them being out and proud at Prom, but the always-wise Burt thinks he’s trying to stir things up too much and Blaine agrees with him.  

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