All in all it wasn’t a terrible episode, but the songs were. Our only redeeming number was “Dancing Queen.” (I know. When has that ever been the only good song in the mix? Probably when Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was thrust upon the world. Pretty sure it was around that time anyway.) These kids just should not be doing these horrible things to Adele’s new album, because I am not okay with it. What other grievances did I have this week? Well, I’m so over the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle I feel they all need to be slapped in a ladies’ room. However, Rachel’s dress was super cute. I would wear that. I said that aloud as I nibbled my cheese. We saw Karofsky cry and, bless his heart, he need not worry about what he’s wearing to the Emmys. Kurt was crowned prom queen due to a ton of write-in votes which led to the touching Kurt/Blaine moment I mentioned earlier. Sue was a cartoon villain again with no real emotions (For pity’s sake, let us see her sister again! I’ve forgotten what it’s like to love Jane Lynch), blah blah blah…

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