Sam’s story wasn’t all bad, but, at least to me, it was predictable.  I knew Kurt wasn’t cheating with him, and I didn’t think Quinn was either.  As soon as I knew they were at a motel, I figured something was going on with Sam’s family’s living situation.  In fact, I had an inkling as soon as he said he wouldn’t be going to Prom.  It did play a bit heavy-handed, given our economy, but it certainly helped the group bond.  The cute little moppets playing Sam’s siblings were adorable when they came to visit the New Directions, and I’ll even buy that they knew some Fleetwood Mac, since they’re apparently stuck in that motel room with Sam all the time.  The way he said he wanted to “get them out of the room” did give me a slight Flowers in the Attic vibe.  I wonder what Sam’s folks are like…

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