I adore the fact that Brittany has an internet talk show because…well…so does yours truly. Aside from that, this opening scene was fun, it got Tina and Mercedes into the game a bit, it helped fuel the rumor mill that was a major plot point throughout the episode, and there was an enormous cat in this scene. (See, Glee? I’m not that hard to please.) Sue was present and over-the-top, but I excused it in the beginning, because she was dressed as David Bowie. You could probably rob me at gunpoint dressed as David Bowie and I wouldn’t press charges. Sue’s vendetta against Will Schuester is a bit played out and old. I’m starting to believe it’s just an excuse to  bring Terri Schuester back when, really, all they had to do was make her legitimately pregnant after she and Will got together to roll in the hay one last time. But, Glee won’t hire me as a writer, so I’m writing this instead.

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