Another tidbit from the grapevine was Santana’s sexuality, which caused her to lash out at Brittany in front of the entire glee club. Artie started to (finally) pick up on the connection between these two and, when he confronted Brittany about her being manipulated by Santana, he made the mistake of calling her “stupid,” which may have ended this coupling for good. His song (“Never Going Back Again”) was probably my favorite of the night. The Santana/Brittany relationship started out sweetly. Santana even sang a somewhat lovely version of “Songbird” to her favorite, dimwitted Cheerio. As we saw by the end of all things this week, though, Santana chose to deny her love for another girl and keep up the ridiculous facade that she is dating Karofsky who was inexplicably absent this week. (Maybe they explained it but I didn’t catch it, actually. My faith in the writing, however, just leads me to the conclusion that his absence went unmentioned.)

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