Rumor #3- Sam was fooling around with Kurt in a cheap motel. Oh, no. Wait a minute. It’s actually Quinn who was his mistress. We knew this because Finn and Rachel were doing a stakeout. Plea to Glee–Finn and Rachel are no more! Their chemistry was washed away with Lea Michelle’s incessant tears and a couple of slushies. Stop it with this. Even the scene that was written in to call out how many different couples you’ve made out of this group of so-called misfits did not make me feel better about seeing Rachel and Quinn fight for Finn’s affections…AGAIN. Even though you did incorporate the clever couple nicknames that have been invented by your rabid fan base, I dislike this little “wink” of a scene. As it turned out, Sam was living in the cheap motel with his family because his family lost their home to the bank. What started out as a promising and touching, tug-at-your-heart plot, fell flat when the actor who portrays Sam (Okay, fine. His name is Chord Overstreet. I just despise that name and hate writing it.) cried. This was followed by a forced “This is the first time I’ve cried,” then cue his little sister with in a voice so high I felt I was watching an old Christmas special, “Don’t cry, Sammy.” This was exactly what this moment needed to completely cheapen it. But the fun didn’t stop there! Sam brought his kid brother and sister to school so they could sing “Don’t Stop” with New Directions and, of course, they knew the words!

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