Brittany’s web show, “Fondue for Two”, was a hoot.  Let’s face it, there are stupider things on the internet (Casey’s show is NOT one of them.  Check it out!) Lord Tubbington is my favorite cat ever, mostly because he eats only human food, and can have cheese because he’s on Atkins.  I would love if we could get his answer to Brittany’s question: “Do you think the Aristocats is an accurate portrayal of the feline relationship?”

Artie’s confrontation of Brit, who thinks Santana’s “friends talking with her tongues super close” rationale makes perfect sense, was a good one.  He’s been feeling insecure with her for a while (“You’re the hottest girl in this school, and I’m the guy that wears saddle shoes on legs that don’t work”), but feels bad for calling her stupid for not getting that Santana took advantage of her.  Most realistic scene from their whole relationship.

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