Why must I compare everything revolving around this show to the first 13 episodes? Because those were solid episodes. I hate to be Negative Nancy right off the bat but this year’s Sectionals as compared to last…not impressive. But more on that later. What happened?

For starters, Emma plays the role of “die-hard Gleek” by telling Will he should showcase some other talent at this year’s competition. In other words, don’t give Rachel a solo. Ryan Murphy has been reading Glee message boards. The opening duet ballad would be performed by the club’s new “it” couple, “Ken and Barbie” aka Quinn and Cousin Oliver. In theory, this was a great idea, though I would rather hear something from Artie. Why not have a male solo for sectionals?

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One Response to Choir Practice: A Glee Roundtable, “Special Education”

  1. Mindy says:

    One thing you guys didn’t talk about that really bugged me! Westerville and Lima are about 100 miles apart. How is Kurt going back and forth so quickly every day? For us Ohioans who know the geography of the state, it’s really annoying!

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