At it’s core, there’s a lot of crappy, inconsistent writing and terrible character development, plus the music is no longer clever or engaging enough to help me see past those things. Yet, I’m still watching.

You know, it’s great that in 2011, we can instantaneously proclaim what we loved or hated about an episode of television.  There’s no writing a letter to FOX, looking up the network address and taking the time to mail it out to voice your concern.  Nope; we can vent our spleens on the interweb as soon as the mood strikes.  As a pop culture blogger, I certainly appreciate this luxury, but sometimes I wonder how wise it is for those who create television shows to put too much weight on viewer suggestions and feedback.  Ryan Murphy clearly doesn’t agree with me.  He’s famously courted the internet audience quite often; from inside jokes made through dialogue, selecting songs and artists to feature on the show, even increasing screen time for characters like Santana and Brittany due to their popularity on message boards, even when it was clear that a little Brittany goes a long way.

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One Response to The Trouble With Glee

  1. Magdalena says:

    I just want to say that I agree with you 100% and I wanted to add that as a gay woman, nothing about Santana’s storyline ever rings true to me. It’s really frustrating to see other queer fans of the show praise it just because they’re happy with any representation at all, even though Brittany and Santana’s storylines are generally incredibly condescending. Anyway, good post.

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