Speaking of which, there’s Quinn Fabray, who hasn’t been interesting or pleasant since she gave birth in the first season finale.  She had her moments of growth as well, but she’s spent the last two seasons being an inexplicably shrewish brat, hell bent on ruining the lives of her child and her adoptive mother with her machinations.  Out of nowhere, Rachel Berry provided the voice of reason and somehow magically got Quinn out of her bitch coma and coaxing the girls who’d left New Directions for the Troubletones to return to the nest.  Poof!  All animosity and anger, gone!

The less that I say about the Puck and Shelby storyline the better, really.  If you’re going to try to do an updated Mary Kay Letorneau storyline, must it involve Rachel’s biological mother, who you were careful to construct as a sympathetic character when she was introduced, and your oldest looking “teenager”?  Times like this are when I can’t believe I ever let my kids watch this show with me.  Those days are long gone.

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One Response to The Trouble With Glee

  1. Magdalena says:

    I just want to say that I agree with you 100% and I wanted to add that as a gay woman, nothing about Santana’s storyline ever rings true to me. It’s really frustrating to see other queer fans of the show praise it just because they’re happy with any representation at all, even though Brittany and Santana’s storylines are generally incredibly condescending. Anyway, good post.

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