Kurt and Rachel have the best friendship on the show, but the whole student council storyline was ridiculous.  Words cannot express my disappointment that Brittany, who is barely literate, won the position.

Oh, and suddenly, Sam is back and he wants Mercedes back.  Um, we never saw that relationship develop, so how can we expect to be invested in it?

Santana’s extended coming out is another source of frustration, primarily because it is territory the show covered quite well with Kurt’s coming out and bullying last year.   Santana  is a much less sympathetic character, and while her littany of insults are often funny, it gets old.  I don’t care AT ALL that they’re discussing homosexuality so much, but it drives me crazy to see the message boards in particular light up with such vitriol if someone dares not to be wowed by the Santana coming out plot or Kurt and Blaine’s first time.   I hesitate to call this an agenda of any kind, but it has gotten to be a little heavy handed.  I realize the show is trying to offer support to those struggling with these issues, and I think that’s great, but anyone who dares to critique any aspect of those stories is often torn to shreds online.

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One Response to The Trouble With Glee

  1. Magdalena says:

    I just want to say that I agree with you 100% and I wanted to add that as a gay woman, nothing about Santana’s storyline ever rings true to me. It’s really frustrating to see other queer fans of the show praise it just because they’re happy with any representation at all, even though Brittany and Santana’s storylines are generally incredibly condescending. Anyway, good post.

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