If you check out this site often, you know we love Happy Endings.  For the uninitiated,  the sitcom follows the lives of six friends: Penny, Dave, Brad, Jane, Alex and Max, and their sometimes complicated inter-personal relationships. Initially, the show could have suffered in comparison to Friends. There are similarities: a runaway bride in the pilot episode, tight-knit siblings, a spacey blonde, and a guy with commitment issues. However, Happy Endings quickly established itself as a clever quip-filled funfest like no other. One of the best things about Happy Endings is its original and sometimes completely nonsensical dialogue. These besties have created a language all their own (with a little help from the urban dictionary). So, if you want to breathe some new life into your humdrum vocab, below is a guide to just some of the unique slang, abbreviations and puns from the show.

1) Mr. Reich-Alex’s nickname for Douglas Hitler; a man Penny dates.

2) sando-Max’s abbreviation for a sandwich.

3) scooch-Usually, a unit of measurement for space, Penny uses it as an indicator for a brief moment of time.

4) vajanea-Jane’s nickname for her vagina

5) pexted-Penny is penis texted by a tween she meets at a Bar Mitzvah.

6) snooch-A term of endearment Brad uses for his wife, Jane. “A cute thing.”

7) turtleing-When a man in a coffee costume retreats completely inside the cup.

8) slawsome-An adjective that Penny uses to describe her enthusiasm for cole slaw.

9) BBF-black best friend-Used by Max to describe Brad.

10) GFF-gay fat friend-Used by Brad to describe Max.

11) bottom frenching-Ass kissing or any oral to behind contact. Jane uses this at a car dealership to indicate no deal has been made.

12) sex nose-How Brad says he likes to refer to his penis.

13) dangle room-Brad’s dad uses this term to describe the amount of space for allowable genital movement in the crotch of a man’s pair of pants.

14) lay down, move around/downtown parade-Alex’s terms for sexual relations

16) Lance Charmstrong– A nickname Brad has bestows upon himself indicating his abundance of natural charisma and charm.

17) Misery-ing Me-When Max holds his best friend Penny hostage in order to spend time with her physical therapist alone.

18) Shia Labeouf-ey– A noun Alex and Dave use as an adjective to negatively describe an apartment.

19) Nava Ho Hos-A dessert Alex makes that pays homage to Dave’s American Indian roots.

20) zooks-A negative verb similar to sucks or stinks. Penny uses it to describe being stuck in a full upper body cast.

21) Yoko Uno-Max’s “one man experimental band.”

22) Gayfty– A single girl’s gay best friend, who can fill in as a faux boyfriend. Penny uses it to refer to Max

23) ‘Rari– A Ferrari. Penny’s abbreviation of the car a wealthy man drives.

24) Tegan Aerosphere-The heroine of Penny’s imaginary self-published post-apocalyptic tween book series.

25) mos def– Jane’s way of saying most definitely.

26) sabado– Spanish word for Saturday. Brad uses it to refer to his perfect weekend day: shopping, working out, taking a sauna and eating lunch.

27) chooch-Someone unintelligent. In this context, Jane uses it to describe a car salesman.

28) Gay Guevera– Moniker Alex bestowed on Max when he led a boycott against a chain coffee franchise.

29) Keepin’ It Kosh-Alex’s vow to eat only kosher food after enjoying all the delights of a Bar Mitzvah buffet.

30) Erogonomic Work Hammock—The incorrect moniker Alex’s gives a sex swing she got at a flea market and is currently using as a dining room chair.

31) Handrew Jackson—Jane’s nickname for the way a woman handles a certain part of the male anatomy.

32) Sinbrad—Brad’s ventriloquist figure, who is dressed and coiffed a la the 90s comedian

33) Mandonna—Max’s all-male Madonna tribute band


Want to catch up on Happy Endings? Check it out on Hulu or abc.com!


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