This week on Legion, well, everything goes poorly and people die. That’s kind of the standard operating procedure on this show. Prepare to have a few nice moments before the carnage starts!

We pick up with our heroes bringing the injured Kerry back to Summerland while Cary looks on, clearly worried. While they try to stabilize her, Melanie and David have a telepathic chat – he says he met her husband. Later, Syd reports that they stabilized Kerry and then David mentally draws her into this white room – it’s a psychic space where they can touch and be together. He’s embracing his powers now, which is a little worrisome. But this is just the greatest gift for Syd, who can finally touch him.

Afterwards, David tells Melanie that he’s going to go get Amy back and he’s not asking. Syd says she’s going too. Melanie tries to talk him out of it, and he responds by telling her about Oliver – he lives in an ice cube now. We learn he’s been in there for 21 years and that he had power like David’s. He created a place and started spending more and more time there and one day he just didn’t wake up. So presumably they froze him to keep his body alive while his consciousness is off in the ether. Oh, heck – maybe the diving suit is serving as kind of an iron lung and keeping everything going.

Kerry wakes up and Cary reabsorbs her so she can heal. He takes on injuries as this happens, which is a good effect. David and Syd return to the White Room (which is now seen though a blue filter because blue means safety) to have brain sex. She tells him about her first time when she was sixteen and switched with her mother and had sex with mom’s boyfriend. She changed back “when he was inside me” and everything went very badly. Later, while Syd sleeps in the White Room, there’s a banging on the other side of a door and a red light shining through. In the red-filtered bathroom, David and Lenny talk about attacking Division 3 and Lenny convinced him to go right away, without Syd. When she wakes up, Syd can’t find him in either the White Room or the real world.

The team, including a guy whose name I don’t know (I think he’s the telekinetic from the end of the first episode), makes plans and Syd comes in to confirm that David is gone. Melanie asks her to wake everybody so they can go in after him. So much for the plan! Ptonomy is not on board, and I feel like he likes David less and less the more time he spends with him. When Melanie and Syd arrive at D3, the place is trashed. There are small fires everywhere and all the guards are dead, with many of them partially phased into the ground or other solid objects. It’s gruesome.

Syd finds Dr. Kissinger in his cell, seeming pretty cheery. He asks her to free him and when she doesn’t he gets very angry. That guy’s not acting right. Either it’s not really him or there’s a reason David left him behind. Melanie watches the security feed of David just casually walking in there and killing everybody – he’s almost gleeful about it. There’s one monitor, though, that shows the same scene in a photo negative, and it isn’t David. It’s the Devil with the Yellow Eyes!

Back at Summerland, Cary’s face is all messed up he’s reviewing tapes of David and talking to the internalized Kerry, and while he goes through the footage of David in the MRI, there are moments when young David and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes appear in David’s place. At D3, Syd and Ptonomy find a survivor, and old man partially merged with the floor. As he dies, he warns them to be careful because “it wears a human face”. Melanie contacts Cary and they’ve all got a lot of catching up to do at this point. Cary explains that there’s another consciousness in David – a parasite that attached itself to his brain when he was very young, and now it keeps rewriting David’s memory. This isn’t schizophrenia – Cary believes this other thing is another mutant that is actively attacking David’s brain.

Syd suddenly goes to the White Room with David, which is now darker than it wasn’t before. David shushes her and then starts to sing “Rainbow Connection”. Syd pokes around and finds the World’s Angriest Boy in the World waiting in the red bathroom. She looks through a telescope and heads back to the real world – she tells Melanie that David went home. “Where it started”. They clear out of there and the Eye watches them go. Oh, of course that guy survived.

David brings Amy back to their old house and she still can’t quite believe everything that’s happened. She wonders why they went back their and not to the place where David lives now. Which seems suspicious. David’s also acting really peculiar, even by his standards. He’s not the guy we’ve been watching for five weeks. Suddenly, Lenny pulls herself into the real world . Amy can see her and reacts to her. Lenny turns into Benny and then King and a spasming David and then the World’s Angriest Boy in the World. David comes back and says, calmly, that his whole life is a lie and he just needs to know who he his. Amy tells him that he was adopted, and she doesn’t know his birth parents.

Cary works on a device to isolate David and argues with the still-internalized Kerry that there won’t even be a fight. She separates, looking healthy again, and says there’s always a fight. Melanie and the others gather outside David’s house and get ready to move in, but the there’s a weird sound and suddenly they’re all silent. They keep talking, but there’s no sound. Whatever the case, the Eye watches them. Inside, Syd sees the World’s Angriest Boy in the World run off and she follows him, though she’s clearly terrified. Cary sneaks in a window and nearly gets shot by Ptonomy. He seems especially put off by the silence and you can tell that he’s trying to yell. It’s some good silent acting. Then he brings in Kerry who’s wielding a baseball bat full of nails. She leads Melanie and Ptonomy off while Cary goes on his own with that headset he designed.

The telkinetic glitches and changes appearance for just a second. Syd finds Amy sitting on the floor and then the sound comes back (though it sounds like it’s on the other end of a tunnel) when Lenny jumps out and scares her. Amy is just completely shut down as Lenny throws Syd into a wall and starts making out with David’s seemingly unoccupied body. David wakes up just as the Summerland people burst in. The telekinetic shoots David and everything goes into slow motion as David and Syd jump to the White Room. Only now it’s pink with yellow lights, and the Devil with the Yellow Eyes is there. He slowly advances on Syd and as he reaches her, David screams. Then everything changes and Syd’s back in the Clockworks with David, but now the telekinetic guy, Ptonomy, Melanie, Cary, and Kerry are all fellow patients and Lenny is the doctor. She wants to know how the death of Syd’s father affected her, and that’s where the episode ends.

I just have one theory to get out there right now, though I’m very excited about the way Legion is really leaning into my blue/yellow/green obsession. I’ll admit that I haven’t really looked for X-Men references because that really isn’t what the show’s about and there are big swaths of X-Men continuity that are just foreign to me. But the reveal that David is adopted does open the door for David to be Professor X’s son, though I don’t know if they’ll ever come out and say that. However, I’ve decided that the parasite in David’s head might be the Shadow King – he’s an ill-defined nineties villain with psychic powers and I believe he actually did manipulate Legion at one point. And hey, what’s the name of the dog who didn’t exist? You know, King! I don’t know that this is especially important, but I’m going to be insufferable if I’m right.

See you next time, as reality continues to fracture.

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