But just when you think you have Louie figured out, he confounds your expectations.  In a grueling first season episode, Louie and his brother have dinner with their mother, and she announces that she’s a lesbian now.  That’s a plot you can imagine on a modern network sitcom, but the way the scene is handled is something I’ve never seen before.  Louie is almost a dispassionate observer, realizing earlier in the episode that the only reason he loves his mother is because he has to.  But his brother, the devoted son, comes almost unhinged, desperate for her approval.  He claims that she’s never said that she loves him, and while she assures him that she has most certainly said it in the past, she won’t actually say it.  He pleads with her to say those simple words, and she just chastises him.  You’re watching a man who only wants one tiny thing, and his mother is actively withholding it.  For a few minutes, it’s not even a comedy.  And nobody learns a lesson.  It’s a scene where we watch people interact, without a dramatic resolution.

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3 Responses to Louis C.K. – Turning Farts into Gold

  1. Myndi says:

    Great review…this show is very hard to describe beyond the fleeting Seinfeld similarity and I think you’ve done it well. It really does have to be seen to be believed. I love how Louis doesn’t care to follow any conventions. On a recent talk show appearance, he said that season he had a brother, and now the brother’s just gone, and he now has two sisters, both of whom we’ve already seen this season. Continuity, be damned! He says all the stuff no one will say.

  2. Mrs. Weber says:

    I never thought about the Seinfeld similarity – nice catch. I also love Louie – he definitely can push boundaries on the show at times, but it’s done in such a brilliant manner that you can’t help but giggle. I watched it a ton when my baby girl would get up in the middle of the night – it’s the best thing on at 3 a.m. Great piece, EJ!

  3. EJ says:

    Thanks, Mrs. Weber and Myndi! You know, on the DVD he talks about his TV brother. Basically, he really likes the actor, but since he doesn’t have a brother in real life, he can’t think of any more stories for him. He’s like the 21st Century Chuck Cunningham!

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