“I love you. Yeah. I thought that would shut you up.”

With all the just great genre TV popping up here in the spring (ABC’s The Crossing and Netflix’ Lost in Space, two stunners right out of the gate), it’s easy to forget old standbys like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just doing what they do best. I’ve been lamenting the Fridays-at-9 pm timeslot, in that it kills social media discussion dead by not making seeing it right away seem a priority as you have all weekend to get to it, which protracts social media discussion of it across three or four days even amongst the gotta-see-its as the early adopters wait for their friends to catch up and throw in their two cents. I’ve seen this myself with the responses to these columns; it seems that when they go up, we’ve already hashed out the good stuff.

“I’ve got an old injury acting up; I’m not sure about my timetable.”

ABC just revealed the May 18 season ender is called “The End.” It’s hard not to think it won’t be a series finale, either. So, sure, they keep hitting the beach ball up in the air but it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm going with placeholder episodes like these. It’s got to be kind of a bummer if you are losing people like me.

“It’s a rescue mission; look at them.”

I just hope they leave it with Coulson alive and S.H.I.E.L.D. a viable, respected super-spy team, at the end of all these shenanigans. What a valiant, valiant effort. But I can’t help what wonder what a blast a show about the secret agency at the fringes of the MCU might have been. I know they weren’t trying to tank the concept, but…

“I know you didn’t try to kill me; I know that was a skin job.”


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