“I do know we’re in space.”

All right; I have a lot of questions. I don’t usually do “recaps” as I assume you all reading have seen the episode already, or why would you care what I think about what you haven’t experienced? It’s like me writing a review of Speight’s, the Pride of the South. Only the Kiwis know what I’m saying, and half of them think I’m nuts that I love a throwaway student’s beer so much.

“Yeah, that makes sense. That’s the one thing we haven’t done, yet.”

But I have to give a little shout-out to the Other Whedons for rolling it back a little for us. Last season, it was clear that they were pulling out all the stops because they thought that was the end of the paycheck. And they came correct with a bunch of lunatic craziness that blew the doors off and everyone tuned in. Welp; that’s a blessing in disguise because you do Ghost Rider, and LMDs, and Hydra-heavy and drop the mic with a coda that’s COULSON IN SPACE. You can’t say “Peace out, bitches!” any clearer.

Except, wait. You’re renewed for another season, and they rock it. That mic they dropped is suddenly floating in slow motion and there’s a blown-out port hole in a spaceship that’s venting to space and that doesn’t make any sense and where are we…? Is this season six of Fringe, or something, and… hold on.

Starting off with the obviously-off guy enjoying the sun and his home life (awesome little bit of foreshadowing that his kid’s pics on the fridge show a “person” form that contains many other “person forms” within it. He’s got a little alien kid that knows Daddy’s job is to wear a person suit). The swim, the shower, the drive to the hangar to get the van. The Talking Heads lyrics to “This Must Be the Place”:


Home is where I want to be

Pick me up and turn me around

I feel numb, born with a weak heart

I guess I must be having fun


The less we say about it the better

Make it up as we go along

Feet on the ground, head in the sky

It’s okay, I know nothing’s wrong, nothing


…and then our heroes adrift in time and space and you can almost hear the writer’s room saying LET’S TURN THIS ROCK UPSIDE DOWN. Let’s start with the human soldier who complains what his wife doesn’t know it’s the season for people extraction from the timestream. Really? This is a after-Thanksgiving thing for you? That’s kind of awesome and sets the audience on edge. But, me? I want to know about the Extraction Team that sets it in motion, but we’re all Limbo-bamf and White Kree melty stone and then we’re ninety years in the future.

I love how Mack and Simmons are OK with the initial OMG we’re in space situation. It’s hilarious to long-time audience members, because Mack is all, “Well, why not?” and we all know Simmons has been trapped on a distant planet before. So it’s kind of a cool cross-character moment between unflappable and defeatist. Mack hilariously says, “I am not comfortable at the pace at which we deal with these new trials and tribulations” which is probably just dialogue but because it’s the Whedons I can’t help but think is a shout-out to the Jessica Alba online staring contest with the LCD Soundsystem soundtrack.

Dang; I feel like I’m writing about LOST, again.

“Wait! S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t have a space division called S.P.E.A.R., or something?”

Come on! That has to be the most awesome specifically-give-your-brother-a-jab/actual-joke-other-people-get-too on network television, ever. You guys know I have always thought S.W.O.R.D. was imminent, or actually behind everything. I hope Coulson’s dismissive look just means that he’s Level Ten and we’re not.

“Working on it. — Fitz”

If there was ever a “Get out of Jail, Free” card in any adventure show narrative ever, it’s that.

Holy crap, I want to see how they work Hunter into this narrative, though.

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