“We have a small but active fanbase.”

Well, coming back from the future for two seconds before handily getting concrete evidence you can’t change the future was pretty damn bleak. So I’m going to talk about all the awesome stuff, instead.

Having The Tick be the first Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a hilarious mid-Seventies hologram was genius casting. May be
I’m the only one who cares, or maybe the production didn’t want to confuse the audience, but all the S.H.I.E.L.D. logos on the “state-of-the-art” mid-Seventies equipment crates are wrong. That time period, they should be the curvy bird logo from their IDs and early MCU films that Joss phased out in favor of the angled eagle of the show vehicles and signage whose usage he popularized in The Avengers.

I loved Zeke’s Quantum Leap shout-out when he arrives in the present. “Oh, boy.” His turn in the bar was hilarious. “Do you have anything like this, but delicious?” And when he takes to the Zima the bartender offers him half as a joke, the take on the day-player is great. Zeke pounds the Zima and the bartender gives a little sardonic smile, like “Of course this guy likes Zima.” How many Zimas do you have to drink to get blotto, though? Maybe being from the future makes you a lightweight. Of course Zeke tries to split on the bill, stuns himself when that pool table jumps out in front of him, and says from the floor: “No, it’s OK, man. I’m from the future.” And when the team gets back from being elbow-deep in it, everyone is watching Daisy hug Mac, but I loved how Zeke is in the background and just gives everybody a shy wave. Even the most self-centered character on the show knows things are so dire that your friend from a shattered Earth ninety years in the future showing up when you think everything is OK isn’t that big a deal at this point.

I love how when Noah does his info dump about the Lighthouse and what it contains, Fitz does a great  little bit of actor-business by throwing up his hands in apparent disgust as if to say Not again!

I think General Hale is setting up the Thunderbolts or the Wrecking Crew or some other evil Marvel team. I think the
S.H.I.E.L.D. team has already changed the future because Yo-yo had a farewell to arms waaaay to early based on future flashbacks we saw earlier this season. I think Coulson dies preventing Earth’s destruction. “Phil Coulson has to die, and you have to let him.”

And I think we will have to demand a 1970s based S.H.I.E.L.D. show for 2019 so we can get that period-piece superspy
show we always wanted, and the MCU movies ignoring it will at least make thematic sense. I’m sure Hayley Atwell, Patrick Warburton, and Will Forte as Coulson in his freshman year will make themselves available.



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