“So you finally remember my name. Come for me, and I will help you remember yours.”

So Daisy can contain a nuclear explosion? Dissolve shrikes with Quake-vibration so targeted it doesn’t dissolve the doorjamb around them?

Deke’s still drinking Zima?

Davis and Piper make me miss Hunter and Bobbi.

Speaking of Davis, he’s not sleeping, he’s out of the picture, what with Izel killing him when he and Jaco went around the spiral staircase and stealing his body, like these shape-changing aliens do.

Fly the plane!

I don’t understand why the threats in this show are so outside the MCU. On the one hand, yes, budget constraints and serialized storytelling doesn’t lend itself to spectacle. But this show is like The Adventures of Sarah Jane and K-9 or Class from the BBC. You have the whole, rich tapestry of Doctor Who to draw from, and we get that? You have the whole, rich tapestry of all of marvel to draw from, and we get dopey Inhumans and inexplicable Kree shenanigans and “it’s all connected” but it really isn’t. Sigh.

Anyway, sorry this is a short one. I’m going to be at Comic Con this week. Stop by and say hey and I’ll have some Spunkybean-exclusive mission patches, for you, if you want to shoot the breeze about comics and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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