“Expedient alliances with despicable characters,” says Hunter, right off. He’s getting to be one of my favorite characters. Getting past the obvious hilarity of an actor actually named “Nick Blood” having a more rugged name in real life than the chiseled character he plays, “Lance Hunter,” he’s really doing a lot of subtle work in this show. That’s all the more impressive in a series that has as its lead a scene-stealer, surrounded by pretty people who punch their problems, that’s connected to a few summer movies. Lot going on in your average episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we all need to give ’em the nod. The bit in the Quinjet when Coulson tells them they need Ward and Hunter doesn’t roll his eyes, exactly, but he sort of gives a sideways look like he’s in, he signed the napkin, so he’s going to keep his mouth shut but he doesn’t really think this is a good idea… and then later, in the same seat, where he gently puts his hand on Fitz’ twitchy trigger finger… that guy is doing some great acting in a show with a bunch of high profile actors.

Anyway, Nick Blood. You’re bringing it each week like your name is Clark Gregg. Nice work.

I love the opening shot of Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge establishing we’re in San Francisco and then we see Fitz running through indian Alley in LA. Werdin Place to 5th? Who in California doesn’t recognize that? Just tell us it’s Cairo or Seattle or something.

But Echidna Capital Management. I’ve said before how I slow-scroll through the Fury’s toolbox scenes like Oliver Stone watching the Zapruder film, and they really do a good job of seeding things that pay off later in the ep. Last time they called Skye’s safe house “The Homestead,” and this time, Coulson is scrolling through Echidna Capital Management. I’m used to digging deep into LOST so I surfed a bit about the half-woman, half snake monster of Greek mythology until i remembered, hey, dumkopf, it’s a known venture capital firm in the Marvel Universe that’s a front for Hydra whose first appearance was in Secret Warriors #1 and oh my God please don’t have them call the spin-off show that.

But it was neat to see that logo come up in Fury’s toolbox and then see it on a plane that Doctor Lizst was rocking, later.

I really liked the scene after where Bobbi and Mack were sparring, and they both acknowledged each other’s strengths and weaknesses in dialogue. I was right there with them until Mack said he would contact Gonzalez on “the aircraft carrier.” Assuming his POV is reliable, I’m super-bummed. I really want nuS.H.I.E.L.D. to have their own helicarrier.

But, Ward. “I might know a guy.” That one speaks volumes, doesn’t it, like a cliche English teachers tell you to avoid. These bits about Doctor Lizst and Baron von Strucker are both obviously going to pay off in Age of Ultron, if only in that they reference things that happen in the movies.

Friend of the Show Brad Moss is a big fan of Skye, but I just can’t get into her storyline. Yes, I know she eventually becomes director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the comics, but I just don’t see it happening in the show. Clark Gregg is too much of a presence. That will never happen. But that begs the question: what will happen with Skye? If Cal and Jaiying succeed in folding her into The Inhumans, that’s one thing. But she spends a lot of time averring that she is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, so it seems like her loyalties may be split by dream and circumstance.

“He’s not a cyborgl He’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. With… rockets in his arm.” Clark Gregg can sell the dumbest line like it’s getting his kid into school.

“Trust me”? I ought to shoot you for just saying that.

I want a show that’s just Coulson walking around. The infrastructure that they’ve put him in is necessary, of course, because you want folks to keep tuning in each week. But I could watch 49 minutes of Clark Gregg explaining to the audience how Odin is kind of a jerk.

“We’re out-manned; out-gunned, and our only back-up is Fitz.”

I think that’s going to turn out better than the line-delivery makes us think.



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2 Responses to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Frenemy of My Enemy”

  1. Echidna is the mother of the Lernaean Hydra.

    The InHumans have to take out the branch of Hydra that’s targeted them via Gordon’s Quantum Intanglement. But Tahiti Protocol Ward (Black Knight and not Taskmaster!?) and an mix of good guy agents are heading to Strücker’s stronghold as well. Taserboy Inhuman Lincoln Campbell can be sensed by the Reader AKA Gordon. Jaiying likely has some defensive power?

  2. I’m thinking Fitz has made a tactical wearable backup of the toy box that gene locked to Phil.

    Phil is going to lead by example and rescue Mike. Skye is going to be the contact between our good guys and the InHuman talent pool. Coulson’s going to delete any InHuman reference on the list to make them “safe.”

    I’m guessing wildly.

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