OK, how do you want it? My usual American Spy observations, or a treatise on the dismembered hand motif in literature? Yeah, you’re right; let’s start slow and work up to it. Can’t just start off with Simmons getting swallowed by the Kree Failsafe and expect anyone to know which horse of the carousel they’re on, I agree.

So Gonzalez was too smart for this, and it’s too sloppy. I really like how Coulson sees right away that the facts aren’t the play. One of the things I have a bit of a quibble with in this show is that there’s not real a lot of American Spy. This show should be the American James Bond, if James Bond knew who Iron Man and Captain America were. I know there is a corporate reason that Marvel Studios and Marvel TV are separate entities, and, yet, try to act like it’s the same thing, guys. Me, as an audience member, I don’t care about corporate synergy; I care about narrative synergy. This stuff has to make sense.

There’s an audience member who sees Raina in her porcupine form saying, “Everyone thinks flowers are so delicate‚Ķ but they really are quite resilient” and accepts that at face value. And then there’s an audience member who thinks dang Raina always wore flowered dresses as a human and then there is a third audience section who thinks the actress Ruth Negga has been cast as Tulip in Preacher so of course she’s been written out. So sometimes flowers is just a thing writers throw in to make themselves feel better about their time in school. Man, watch a few seasons of The West Wing. and save your parents some money.


I like how Cal is basically playing the jester. He’s doing “”Ted” in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Sucking the life force out of a guy is considered “the generosity of others”? I suppose, if you’re an Inhuman, all things considered. At least Skye saw Jaying killing Raina. I was a little wary of her slitting her actual throat rather than just sucking out her life force, but, there you go. Mystical energy vampirism or just kill-death. Either way, that’s the same end=game. The point is, Skye saw her mom kill Raina. Even given all the ins and outs and what-have-yous, that’s pretty fraught.

“You’re here to take out some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.”


“I’m here to take out as many as I can.

Holy crap is that a statement of intent. You might as well say Angie is in the second season of Agent Carter because she’s an actress. But we’re getting ahead.

“The real Grant Ward is a coward who only has someone else to blame.”

That’s some hard cheese, and reveals that Ward is probably going to be the Season Three bad-guy. “This is me calm, Phil.” I’m not saying your wife’s a monster. I’m saying you’re not.

I’m going to check in with some more observations next week, because “Science, BIATCH!” needs its own column, by itself.

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2 Responses to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “S.O.S.”

  1. Cal was awesome. He was a tremendous asset.

    And Gordon being akin to Hermes ala Eddie Campbell – a minor badass – of the three in the sealed room, chances are terrigen would not harm even Fitz.

    I want Doctor Cho to rebuild Phil’s forearm and hand. And Secret SHIELD? Jemma Simmons is IRONICALLY going to get powers.

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