“I’m not even mad! They let me watch you die a buncha times.”

Well, if we didn’t already know it, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has screwed itself right out of the timeline. If, you know, it ever was in the timeline, what with Joss always saying Coulson is dead to The Avengers. I mean, that explains that. Killing Jiaying without Daisy disappearing confirms the Ancient One’s view of time in the Marvelverse, and gives her a lot in common with Zeke and Sousa, now. Pulled out of the timestream, the only memory of a branched existence.
• Nice to see the Deke Squad are being trained as “real” SHIELD agents.
• How messed up is the timeline? Garrett has superpowers.
• Speaking of Garrett, he watched Coulson “die a buncha times,” one of which was a sly reference to Loki. This one also seems like it verifies the multiverse Marvel timeline.
• Awful, end-of-Star Trek: Enterprise thought: what if they catch up to 2016 and find out all these TV adventures were a Framework simulation?
“The timeline is screwed. Pardon my French.”
• So, Project: Insight, the Triskelion, Garrett going HYDRA, all earlier than they were supposed to happen.
“Staying in the 80s wouldn’t be my worst case scenario.”
• Nathaniel Malick was upstaged by James Paxton channelling his dad. It’s too bad this character hadn’t shown up before now, but boy is this season going out on top.
• Ordinarily, I’m not so down with secret seventh season siblings showing up in shows, like Spock’s sister in Star Trek: Discovery, but since this is all in a messed up timeline, now, I’ll allow it.
• Deke in the stolen Zephyr doing John McClane with Starlord’s Walkman is going to be great.
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