“OK, miss; just go with me on this. I’ve always wanted to try it.”
Well, all right; this is more like it. How funny all it took for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to finally pull the gloves off and go full Legends of Tomorrow bananacakes was ABC telling them at the end of season five that they were renewed for not one but two more seasons. I dunno what that treading-water season six with Dark Phil from the demon dimension was supposed to prove, but boy are they washing out the bad taste of that one with this one and delivering us some SHIELD-shenanigans like what we’ve all wanted since Day One.
I kind of appreciate how coy they were being about who was what and what happened where, and all, but I think, now that we’re reaching the end, it’s pretty clear that the events of Winter Soldie fractured the timestream. The MCU and the MTVU and the MNU are all different timelines at this point, while sharing historical milestones and certain common players. I hope they save Sousa next week, because that would overtly explain everything that we’ve all suspected for so long. of course the issue was the production soap opera behind the scenes with Perlmutter and Feige, but different timelines explain things like Coulson being dead to the Avengers and them never mentioning him again, even though Fury and Hill both know he’s walking around. The Marvel Netflix Universe knew about the Avengers and the Battle of New York, but nobody mentions SHIELD. The MTVU agents meet the Lady Sif and MCU Tony Stark meets Edwin Jarvis in the 70s, but nobody on TV recognizes that Endgame happened? Just save Sousa and blow those fanboy theories up.
Me, I always thought Peggy’s line that “Captain America saved the man who eventually became my husband” shows the time split, as it was common knowledge Steve Rogers was Captain America, so it wasn’t a sort of cute retention-of-secret-identity, from-a-particular-point-of-view thing, where she was saying the guy who was Captain America “saved” Steve Rogers, the man. I think in the timeline she says that, she married Daniel Sousa. The way Gjokaj plays it in Agent Carter, that he knows he’s always going to be runner-up to a dead hero, is so spectacularly sad, that hopeless romantic saps like me get it both ways, that Peggy marries both guys in two timelines and and and oh stop me I’m not crying you’re crying.
But, either way, the rules of time travel are different in this show than they are in Avengers: Endgame, so why not?
But I’m kinda getting ahead of myself. This episode, am I right? They really put you on notice with the “shooting stars” showing ballistic motion up and to the right and left-to-right across the horizon. In two seconds of dim moving images, you almost already know you’re at Area 51 in the 1950s. That is, I mean, if you’re in the audience of this show, you’ve seen Crystal Skull and The X-Files and Deep Space Nine and The Twilight Zone and you’ve enjoyed all the little green men references, so at first I was a little dismayed at the cliche of it all, but then I remembered I was on the best ride at the carnival and just went along with it.
“We know Area 51 is a SHIELD base. All the Areas are.” and the quote that started the column are the two standouts in this episode, you ask me. Although when the team threw Sousa into lockup for his own safety, “I’m a fan!” “He really is!” “We’re the good guys, I swear!” is hard to beat.
And next week is a full-on B&W noir episode? Yes, please.
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