With the seemingly non-stop coverage of Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State scandal, followed closely by the wall-to-wall, day-in and day-out Republican Primary Presidential debates, it’s nice that we can take a break each week and enjoy on of the best shows on TV,  Modern Family. The Quotes from Modern Family helps take our minds off the fact Herman Cain and Rick Perry are great at long awkward pauses, and Jerry Sandusky gave us the most uncomfortable awkward pause ever seen (heard) on TV.We’re tossing around the idea here at spunkybean HQ of hosting our own Republican Presidential debate (because it appears every media outlet gets a turn and, yes, we consider ourselves a “media outlet” and, no, we don’t know what that term means). And we’d ask some tough questions. Like, given the fact Sofia Vergara is crazy beautiful, would it change their opinion on immigration and building a fence on our southern border if all immigrants looked like Vergara? And if all gay couples were as hilarious and delightful as Cam and Mitchell, would they re-think all that gay marriage stuff?

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