A new episode of Modern Family brought us Phil on a motorcycle, and Gloria revealing an unexpected talent. Well, “talent”. She’s not actually that good at ventriloquism, but the fact that we get to see Sofia Vergara do a comedy act with a puppet named “Uncle Grumpy” more than excuses its lack of polish. This episode also includes a surprising amount of pants-related humor. And for your convenience, we’ve got the best quotes from Modern Family – “Yard Sale”. Check it out while you’re drunk…ing your coffee.

“Even John Mayer doesn’t have a John Mayer poster anymore.” — Claire

CLAIRE: “Honey, you finally found something less cool than those pants that zip off into shorts.” PHIL: “My shants.”

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2 Responses to Best Quotes from Modern Family – “Yard Sale”

  1. cheri says:

    These are some great quotes! I thought the best part was when Jay walked out of the house, and Gloria was doing the puppet. One of them made a comment that she married her puppet. I could not stop laughing at that. This was the first show I watched last night when I got home from my shift at DISH. I have it on my Hopper, which automatically records all my primetime shows on the four major networks with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I have so many shows on Wednesday nights, so this feature helps me tremendously. I never have any DVR conflicts with this feature, and I love it! I like the episodes when they combine all the stories, and they put the families together.

  2. Jeannette says:

    Phil: What’s your beef with my StreetStrider?
    Phil: I’m not a rider, I’m a strider.

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