MITCHELL: Would you mind coming with us? We need somebody who actually knows how to speak Spanish. CAM: Frio. Muy frio.

HALEY: Tonight at dinner, I’m telling my parents the biggest news of all: I’m moving in with someone. DYLAN: And his name is me.

LILY: What are you building? MANNY: It’s a model of a plane that was built for Amelia Earhart. LILY: Why? JAY: Because she wanted to fly around the world. LILY: Why? JAY: Because she probably wanted to get away from her kids. LILY: Why? JAY: Know how to stop this? MANNY: I’m on it — Lily, we really need you to let us concentrate for a few minutes, OK? LILY: Your hair is weird. MANNY: Um… now I’m flustered.

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