Want to impress people at the water cooler when you’re talking about last night’s Modern Family? We’ve got a fun fact you can share – the actor who played Ethan tonight is the real life boyfriend of Sarah (Haley) Hyland! Go on, drop that knowledge on your friends and co-workers. This week’s episode had the whole family going to Disneyland, and while ordinarily corporate synergy doesn’t lead to hilarity, this episode was pretty great. And once again, the physical comedy was amazing. Dizzy Phil, Gloria’s increasingly pained walking, Dylan as Little John, Lily’s leash… As always, we’ve got this evenings best quotes from Modern Family, and we’re thrilled that robot Abraham Lincoln plays such a key role.

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One Response to The Best Lines from Modern Family – Disneyland

  1. Julie says:

    Jay : “Is it possible you get angry, from time to time because you’re always wearing uncomfortable shoes”
    this line made me laugh my ass off !

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