After a break last week, we got two new episodes of Modern Family this week.  And they both had really sweet tearjearker endings.  We are not made of stone, people!  We got guest appearances from Michaela Watkins and Wendi McClendon-Covey, and we wouldn’t mind seeing them in the regular rotation.  And in a bit that’s not really quotable, Cam and Mitch hilariously demonstrated Venn Diagrams.  Lily started kindergarten, Haley went to college, Gloria sized up to maternity clothes (Does anybody think the bit with her outfit tearing was inspired by Sofia Vergara’s real life Emmy incident?), and Phil went in for a vasectomy.  And we’ve got the best quotes from last night’s Modern Family all in one place for you.  Though really, every single line from “Phil’s-osophy” has a place here.  Trust us, a collection of Phil’s wisdom is just as awesome as it sounds.

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One Response to The Best Quotes from Last Night’s Modern Family – “Schooled” / “Snip”

  1. jimmymackey says:

    I really enjoyed reading all of these quotes as a reminder of the episodes’ hilarity. The writers are changing a lot of things this season, but what I live for are Cam’s physical comedy moments. Phil being the focus of this Snip episode made it a great one. My DISH coworker and I have been watching the show since the beginning though, and we love to quote to each other lines from the recent episode. Now I save all of the shows on my Hopper DVR, since I have a thousand hours of recording time, in HD. That way I don’t have to keep buying the DVD’s at the end of the season, and I can watch it as many times as I want.

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