MYNDI:  As usual, we are on the same wavelength!  While reviewing all of my favorite episodes, I was struck by the incredible continuity that has been a hallmark of this show from day one.  That’s probably the work of creator Mike Schur and Amy Poehler, who’ve both proven to be meticulous Parksand inventive writers.  The world that’s been created here is one of the most fully realized in the history of TV comedies.  Recurring characters appear off and on throughout the show’s run, adding to the sense of authenticity created by the growth and change experienced by the main cast.  By working to make the core group actual friends early on, there was a freedom to the storytelling that many workplace comedies never had the pleasure of utilizing. 

The flash forward was a gamble that paid off.  And while some viewers didn’t like the way NBC rushed through the final season, I thought it was sort of great to speed ahead to the conclusion and see where all these folks ended up.  Watching Donna settle down with Joe, Jerry grow old on his own terms, Andy and April grow up into parents,Tom makes his fortune, Ron live out what had to be his ultimate fantasy and Leslie and Ben realize their biggest dreams…it was a finale that gave fans every single thing we wanted with nothing we didn’t.  (One question:  Did Nick Offerman make the canoe he sailed through the lake on?  He totally did, right?)

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