Season Two

MYNDI:  “Tom’s Divorce”–It’s the first time we get a glimpse of the dreaded Fourth Floor! It looks like a bad 70s cop movie, and it’s a handy way for Leslie to discover that Tom and his wife Wendy are ending their Green Card marriage. Leslie forcing everyone to help Tom in light of hisParks divorce is an early example of the erstwhile Miss Knope forcing these folks together against their will.  It’s also a reminder of when Andy was jealous of Ann and Mark (remember Mark?) and challenged him to a game of pool for Ann.  I’ve never loved anything more than the menu items at Jurassic Fork and the Ron’s glee upon discovering the breakfast bar at local strip club The Glitter Factory. For the record, feminist Leslie says her stripper name would be Equality.  Her buying Tom a lapdance and then cheering the stripper on is quintessential Leslie Knope.

EJ:  “94 Meetings” – For my money, one of the best episodes of the series.  After April schedules all of Ron’s meetings for April 30, she’s surprised to learn that there are actually thirty days in April and she’s scheduled him for 93 meetings on the same day.  And that’s 93 more meetings that Ron wants to attend, ever.  April, Ann, Leslie, and Andy split up to help.  (I’m especially fond of the way Andy keeps accidentally promising people things.)  Leslie gets pulled away to protest the destruction of a historic gazebo.  Yeah, it’s the episode with the nude paintings of Jessica Wicks and Nick Newport Sr.  It’s so funny and the last few minutes, where April quits in shame and then Andy convinces Ron to hire her back, are just beautiful.

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