Season Three

MYNDI: “Lil’ Sebastian”–This season finale saw the dawn of Entertainment 720 (don’t miss the amazing promo for it in the tag, featuring Detlef Shrempf!).  The company’s first event is a memorial service following the death of Lil’ Sebastian. The gang’s moment of silence is interrupted by the same cleaning guy listening to Shania Twain’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman who was still around when Ron and Leslie were locked in the office to hash out their differences in Season 7. Ben still can’t believe anyone idolizes a miniature horse this much.  He and Leslie are still sneaking Parksaround at this point, until they get caught when Ben butt dials Ron and he gets to hear some of their role play as elected officials.  During the memorial, everyone cries at Tom’s video tribute…a nod to Tom’s autobiographical doc in the finale, right down to the passable British accent from Aziz Ansari. We also learn that Ron prefers laying wreaths to lighting torches, a fact made even sadder considering that the lighter fluid Jerry substituted for propane burnt off his eyebrows and much of his signature mustache, making for a fantastic visual. Ann and Chris started to become friends here, on the way to more. It was also the beginning of Leslie’s city council run after her stellar accomplishments of the Harvest Festival and the memorial, which sets up the entire fourth season’s perfect arc and forced her to keep her relationship with Ben under wraps a little longer. It also forced us to spend that entire summer speculating as to who would portray Ron’s mysterious first wife, Tammy One.  (It ended up being the incomparable Patricia Clarkson.)  And, lest we forget, this was the debut of the show’s unofficial theme song, “5,000 Candles in the Wind”. 

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