EJ:  “The Treaty” – I’ll admit, this probably isn’t the best episode of the season.  That final stretch of election episodes is amazing and “The Trial of Leslie Knope” is a standout, and as .  Myndi noted, “Pawnee Rangers” has Ben as Batman.  But “The Treaty” is the one that makes me laugh the hardest.  With Leslie and Ben’s relationship at a crossroads, the Model U.N. event they host becomes an all-out war.  There’s something about competitions between nerds that hits my comedy buttons.  Andy his hilarious in this episode as he doesn’t really understand Model U.N. and just keeps trading his resources for more lions, and there’s a great subplot with Ron trying to get Tom to take his old job back.  Any time Ron Swanson leaves his comfort zone, I’m just enthralled.


Season Five

MYNDI:  “Leslie and Ben”–The two decide to get married after a fundraising gala for a new park, and everyone has their own job to pull the ceremony together in two hours.  Leslie is not happy that her dress is not done three months early (of course), but Ann finishes it by sewing a skirt out out of meaningful docs from Leslie’s career a la Project Runway. Ron forges rings out one of Ann’s sconces.  Jerry’s attempt at delivering Tom’s planned remarks as the officiant is terrible so they combine efforts.  April and Andy get Ethel Beavers to sign the marriage license.  Then, a very drunk Jamm crashes to protest the park because he’s mad about losing out on a share of the Paunch Burger that would have been built on the land and he heckles Leslie during her wedding.  Ron punches him out and breaks his tooth.  They both end up in a holding cell, leading to a sweet scene where Leslie tells Ron she can’t get married without him walking her down the aisle. In the meantime, everyone else has moved the wedding over to the parks office, and it is PERFECT.   With those who mean the most to them gathered around, DJ Roomba providing the music, Lagavulin all around, JJ serving waffles, and Andy playing 5000 Candles for everyone, this one is still incredibly touching.

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