That happens when I see The Office.  I loved The Office.  There are so many perfect episodes and no matter how many times I see “Dinner Party”, I’ll never get tired of it.  But here are also those awful “Jim and Pam having marriage problems” episodes that I’m never going to watch again.  There is an episode about how much everybody likes Glee, and let me tell you, that does not hold up.  It wasn’t a good episode in its original airing, but now it seems like an artifact from another world.

I talk a lot about the relationship between Mad Men and The Sopranos.  Probably too much.  But it applies here.  After years as one of the top writers on an excellent series, Matt Weiner created his own show.  He made it even better by identifying the weakness in the show he used to work for.  I’ll probably talk a lot about that once Mad Men starts up again, but I mean things like, say, making sure that each episode has a reason to exist on its own rather than just setting up a future episode, or paying off recurring themes.  Mad Men is a better show because somebody with inside knowledge of The Sopranos knew what problems they could run into and dealt with them.

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