Parks and Recreation returned this week with a variety of kooky plots, guaranteed to amuse and delight.  Ann was trying to befriend April in return for writing her a vet school recommendation; Chris was still deciding whether to father Ann’s child and Tom was doing so well with Rent A Swag, he hired Jean Ralphio’s twin sister Mona Lisa to work there.  Jean Ralphio declared her “the worst!” and he just might be right.  She was also fantastic. Leslie was concerned with saving a local Pawnee videostore that only seems to rent completely non-commercial (and often depressing) films.  Ron, disgusted that she wanted to offer a small business a government bailout instead of letting it fail, got her back by suggesting the store focus on its X-rated inventory, basically creating a government-funded porn shop.  And then there was the Ann, April and Donna three part harmony on the Cyndi Lauper classic, “Time After Time”.  We’ll treasure that always.  What follows are the best lines from last night’s Parks & Rec!

“My shrink got me and him tickets to a Pitbull concert.  And I already committed to that, so if you tell me I can’t go, it’s like you’re taking something away from me.”–Mona Lisa Saperstein, played by Jenny Slate

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