This week on Modern Family, Ed O’Neill’s former TV son made an appearance.  Yes, David “Bud Bundy” Faustino showed up at Claire’s college reunion.  Somehow, he did not appear in any scenes with Jay, so we were denied the Married… with Children reunion that somebody had probably been waiting for.  Beyond that, this week’s episode had Manny grappling with self-doubt, Mitchell and Cam taking care of Baby Joe, Phil tried to get tough, and nobody wanted to take credit for that haircut.  And we’re here to catch you up with the best lines from Modern Family “Bad Hair Day”.

“Before you leave, you have to sign this for school. You don’t have to read it, it’s all boilerplate.” — Luke

GLORIA: “You’re always so hard on yourself. Remember when you said that you didn’t have a face for hats? And…?”
MANNY: “I look great in every hat.”

“I had a pretty good hat run, then I saw a photo of myself from the dude ranch. I looked like Reba at the Grammys.” — Mitchell

CAM: “I’m just excited to get back to the farm. Is it that obvious?”
MITCHELL: “You said ‘dagburn’ at breakfast.”

“Hello, Baby Joe. Well, you might as well be a dead hobo in the woods of a small town after a rainstorm, because you have just been discovered.” — Cam

“Phil, I like you too much to sugarcoat what I have to say: You’re off the team.” — Jay

“I should get going. My allergies are starting to cry.” — Phil, not taking it very well

“My life is a musicless gray hellscape.” — Manny

“We’ve had my dad’s baby for forty-five minutes, and he’s already in a dress.” — Mitchell, after Cam enlisted Baby Joe for a photo shoot

CAM: “She’s still so dadgum young.”
MITCHELL: “OK, is that another Southern thing or are you just trying to remember her Vietnamese name?”

“I should have seen this coming. I replaced her with somebody younger and she sabotaged Joe’s photo shoot out of sheer jealousy. Maybe she does have what it takes to be a model.” — Cam

“If this campus casanova had thoughts of reclaiming (Claire), guess what, hotshot? Legally, I still own her.” — Phil

TATER: “I always wondered who’d be lucky enough to marry the beautiful Claire Pritchett.”
PHIL: “No luck involved, hombre. She saw, she liked, she got pregnant, she had to.”

MITCHELL: “Is the wig coming loose?”
CAM: “Oh yes, Mitchell. It’s completely off his head. We’re just staying in here because there’s nothing babies and big guys love more than 100% humidity.”

“Do you realize what Gloria’s going to do when she sees this? She punched me when I got Manny that henna tattoo. And not the side of the hand way that I do it – this had rings and knuckles.” — Mitchell

“I have 32 hours of Vidal Sassoon training. I left the program over creative differences.” — Cam

“She has two new rings. That’s gonna take the meat right off the bone.” — Mitchell, worrying about Gloria

Any favorites you’d like to add?  If there were a way to quote Phil walking in his frictionless shoes, we totally would have.

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One Response to The Best Lines from Modern Family “Bad Hair Day”

  1. Nosgoth says:

    It was great to see David Faustino show up on Modern Family, but I was more than a little surprised they never got him and Ed O’Neil in the same shot. It was a great episode though, and a good example of why this is one of the best comedies on TV. I can watch episodes of Modern Family over and over again, and since I got a DISH Hopper I’ve been recording like crazy so I can do just that. Working at DISH, I was really hyped up about getting a Hopper installed in my house immediately when it was released, and it’s been impressing me ever since. For one thing it has 2,000 hours worth storage space, so I’ve been able to hoard entire seasons of a number of my favorite shows, and I still haven’t even made a dent in the memory!

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