Hey, it’s time for the Best TV Quotes of the Week And on some level, we kind of just want it to be the Best Archer Quotes of the Week, but there are other shows on TV that deserve their moment. But, you know, we’ve got some good quotes but the number of included shows is…. minimal. When Sterling Archer and Ray Holt are back in action, well, we know what side our bread is buttered on. (That may not be the appropriate saying here.)

“I’ve been swallowed by giant creatures before. I’ll find a way out.” — Jack, Samurai Jack


HOLT: “I’m fully freaking out. I just experimented with an unfamiliar acronym in public. BRB. What does it even mean?”

JAKE: “Be right back.”

HOLT: “It’s the same number of syllables as the acronym. What’s the point?” — Brooklyn Nine-Nine


“Your libido has endangered us all.” — Holt to Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


AMY: “How did you guys meet?”

RACHEL: “Such a wild story. I was on an elevator… and so was Teddy.” — Brooklyn Nine-Nine


“This is on you, Boyle! Couldn’t just suck it up and let a few dozen crazed rats eat you until their hearts exploded?” — Rosa, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


“It’s time to put the police work behind me and go balls deep into motherhood.” — Angie, Angie Tribeca


“I’ve started dating again. I’m staring down the dark black abyss of retirement and it would be nice to drag someone down with me.” — Atkins, Angie Tribeca


“For ten minutes today, Chuck didn’t hate me. I forgot what that felt like.” — Jimmy McGill, Better Call Saul


CHARLOTTE: “I want you to help me fake my death, for which I am prepared to offer you ten thousand dollars. And my body.”

ARCHER: “The ten grand is plenty.”

CHARLOTTE: “The offer is non-negotiable.” — Archer


“I’m not going to stuff that poor girl into my clothes in the trunk of my car like so much… force meat.” — Charlotte, Archer


“Isn’t it sugar? Or, like, scarcity? Of sugar?” Pam on the basis of economics, Archer


ARCHER: “Stay here.”

CHARLOTTE: “I shall do nothing of the sort!”

ARCHER: “Of course you shalln’t.” — Archer


Any more to add? Let us know in the comments!

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