It’s Friday!  We’re wrapping up the week, as usual, with a look at the Best TV Shows on TV.  We watched a lot of TV this week, and we picked out the best television shows we saw.  And it was a big week – Mad Men returned, Leonard Nimoy came back to TV (sort of), Kenny Powers learned to be a woman, Ron Burgundy had a big announcement, Shaq busted out some Hebrew, and Subway took on human form.  By all accounts, that’s a pretty great week.  So let’s take a look at what made us happy!

Survivor – This has not been a great season, despite the lack of returning contestants. The cast is mostly unpleasant, and even Colton’s exit due to appendicitis hasn’t salvaged things yet. However, this week’s episode brought a laugh-out-loud moment at the hands of Tarzan. (Yes, that’s apparently his real last name.) Tarzan is a guy who shifts from moments of real eloquence to bizarre outbursts without warning, and may or may not know the other competitors’ names. He also looks like he came straight to the show after a night of sleeping at the bus terminal. This week, there was an issue with his clothing. See, most of this tribe members wash their clothes in the ocean, scrub them, and then put them in a pot of boiling water. One of the women was doing just that, heating her scrubbed clothes over the fire, when Tarzan just tossed his shorts into the pot with her clothes, reassuring her “Don’t worry. It’s dirt, not poop.” We are not too proud to admit that we really laughed at that.

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