Saturday Night Live — A noticeably pregnant Tina Fey hosted the Mother’s Day episode, and it was a pretty great episode.  Sure, there were a couple of real stinkers (most notably the opener), but Tina’s opening monologue – a song she and Maya Rudolph sang to their unborn children, was hilarious.  The Digital Short brought us noted cinephile Michael Bolton teaming up with the Lonely Island, and the best Weekend Update in a long time featured Bill Hader’s Stefon, Jason Sudeikis as the Devil, and a very funny bit with Vanessa Bayer and Fred Armisen as Gaddaffi’s former best friends.  We also loved Nasim Pedrad’s Belinda – the young girl who is way too impressed by her parents.  These sketches never seem to get big laughs from the audience, but they absolutely kill us.  And of course, since Tina Fey was available, that meant the Sarah Palin impression came out for a GOP debate (also starring Darrell Hammond as Trump). Some great bits this week, and we’re looking forward to seeing Ed Helms host this weekend’s show.

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3 Responses to The Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Operation: Troy is Awesome”

  1. Larry Young says:

    Awesome! Two shout-outs in one column! WINNING!

  2. EJ says:

    We’re about one week away from renaming this feature “Larry Young Presents TV’s Moments of Joy”.

  3. Larry Young says:

    Go, Larry! It’s your birthday!

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