All right, we’re off to our bunkers to wait out the remainder of the 13th.  And to watch this video again, because it’s adorable.  If we missed any Moments of Joy, be sure you let us know.  We’re sure there are other great TV shows to watch that just haven’t hit our radar.  Let us know, so we can be better friends than ever.  We’ll see you back here next week with another metric ton of TV coverage!

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3 Responses to The Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Operation: Troy is Awesome”

  1. Larry Young says:

    Awesome! Two shout-outs in one column! WINNING!

  2. EJ says:

    We’re about one week away from renaming this feature “Larry Young Presents TV’s Moments of Joy”.

  3. Larry Young says:

    Go, Larry! It’s your birthday!

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