Cougar Town-This episode had more heart than we get in most of our visits with the cul de sac crew.  Travis was still smarting from getting dumped, and both Bobby and Jules were trying to cheer him up.  Bobby and Jules’ dad decided to take him to the saddest strip club in Florida, with Jules right there to bitch about Bobby being a bad dad.  Meanwhile, Laurie helped Ellie by being her “human stress ball” to deal with Andy’s wacky Cuban family, who all descend upon the Torres house at once.  The best part of that is Nia Vardalos, the real-life wife of Ian Gomez’s Andy, as the sister-in-law that hits on him relentlessly.  These two are fun to watch together, and we hope she comes back to visit again soon!

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3 Responses to The Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Operation: Troy is Awesome”

  1. Larry Young says:

    Awesome! Two shout-outs in one column! WINNING!

  2. EJ says:

    We’re about one week away from renaming this feature “Larry Young Presents TV’s Moments of Joy”.

  3. Larry Young says:

    Go, Larry! It’s your birthday!

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