Kitchen Nightmares – OK, approximately one half of the Moments of Joy team are huge fans of Gordon Ramsay and his unending multitude of TV shows.  But even after all the hours we’ve seen of his various shows from both hemispheres, this episode of Kitchen Nightmares has something we’ve never seen before.  Gordon was trying to fix a restaurant run by a pair of unsettling identical twins, and at one point, probably to teach them to be more aggressive (but frankly, we don’t even need to know the reason), he made them box.  In a boxing ring, with gloves and everything.  Two pear-shaped dudes who look exactly the same smacked each other around for several minutes in a show that is ostensibly about restaurant management.  We don’t understand it, but our week was better for having seen it.

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3 Responses to The Best TV Shows on TV – TV’s Moments of Joy “Operation: Troy is Awesome”

  1. Larry Young says:

    Awesome! Two shout-outs in one column! WINNING!

  2. EJ says:

    We’re about one week away from renaming this feature “Larry Young Presents TV’s Moments of Joy”.

  3. Larry Young says:

    Go, Larry! It’s your birthday!

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