We’re wrapping up a three-day stretch of Gotham articles with a recap of last week’s episode. The episode that introduced my much-loved Professor Pyg to the show. I’m delighted by this turn of events and it’s even better because those maniacs titled the episode “Hog Day Afternoon”. Let’s get to it!

We start off at the fight club. Lee fixes a dude’s broken nose without blinking and then Ed tries to chat her up. She has a variety of reasons not to like him right now. Or ever. Solomon Grundy stops her from punching him and she immediately recognizes Butch. Riddler explains that his brain isn’t working and he wants to be smart again. That sounds dumb, but it’s a man with actual brain damage saying it, so everything checks out. He thinks maybe Lee can help and she turns him down. Possibly because she’s not a neurosurgeon, but we’ll let that go.

Sofia and Penguin discuss their business relationship and Penguin says he needs a friend he can trust. Sofia promises he can trust her and they make lunch plans. Penguin leaves and Gordon walks in. Hee! He was listening to all that and wants to know what her endgame is with Oswald. She won’t get specific, but she says in a couple of days, she’ll have Penguin in the palm of her hand. Gordon looks unconvinced.

A couple of shady cops engage in a handoff of ill-gotten gains in an alley. One leaves and the other hears what sounds like a pig. He follows the sound because that’s weird. He eventually finds a friendly kitten, but when he kneels to pick it up, a man in a pig mask appears behind him and slashes him with a cleaver.

Professor Pyg, you guys. Professor freaking Pyg.

Gordon and Harvey arrive at the scene where they find the body with a pig head covering his face. They remove the swine covering and they realize this dead guy was pretty well known to be delivering payoffs for Penguin. Gordon decides to go see Penguin and ask some questions. Penguin, who’s preparing for his Sofia lunch, claims he’s never heard of the guy. He doesn’t know everybody who works for him. I love that he’s not pretending he doesn’t have cops on his payroll. He’s just too busy to learn their names. Penguin appears to not be interested but has his accountant check the records and sees that Wally Clarke applied for a burglary permit recently to hit a butcher shop called “The Pork Barrel”. Well, it’s something.

We see a man in a butcher’s apron putting the final touches on another pig head while singing along to an opera. It’s clearly Professor Pyg, they’re just not showing us his unmasked face. Man, I love Professor Pyg so much.

Gordon and Bullock bring in Wally, who says he doesn’t know anything and since every detail of this crime is nuts, he seems baffled by the whole thing. They unveil the headless pig found in the dumpster behind his apartment and he gets nervous. Bullock says they’re charging him but Wally says it’s a guy they call “the Professor”. He’s the one who got Wally to rob the butcher, but he doesn’t know anything more about him. He delivered the guy four pigs which means there are three more victims coming. They just have to figure out who. They leave Wally in the interrogation room with a headless pig.

Zsasz reports to Penguin that Sofia called to cancel lunch. “Something came up. I don’t know. I wasn’t listening.” He sits down to eat her food but Penguin wants Zsasz to follow her.

Fight club! Grundy’s fighting, but he doesn’t know that’s what he’s supposed to do. So this dude just keeps clobbering him with a barbell until Riddler explains things. Then Grundy knocks the guy out and apparently kills him with his own weapon.

Bullock and Gordon question some cops, but crooked police don’t really want to cooperate. They finally just lock a guy in his trunk and threaten to leave him there. Hee! So he tells them that Chris Whitlock is working for Penguin and should be in court all day. At the courthouse, they find two dead cops with pig heads.

Gordon figures the two cops were abducted and killed last night and then dropped off for them to find. There’s just one soon to be victim left, and they have no idea who it is. He questions a busker who pretends to be blind so he doesn’t have to answer questions, but Gordon sniffs out that load of crap. The dude saw a plumbing van parked across the street for most of the day.

Lee stitches up Grundy’s wounds. She actually just takes a stapler to him and notes that his burned hand healed on its own and he doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore. Lee tells him Ed isn’t his friend, but Grundy refuses to believe her. Riddler shows up and asks Lee again to fix him, and she still blows him off. Cherry checks in on Grundy, looking forward to his next fight. Lee leaves and heads to what appears to be a low-rent medical clinic. She’s using her fight club paychecks to help the underprivileged! Minus the fight club, that’s kind of her deal in the comics – she runs a medical clinic in the bad part of town. Ed follows her and spies for a bit, very pleased with himself.

Zsasz takes pictures of Sofia from his car – she’s meeting with the Mayor.

Bullock makes an educated guess as to Pyg’s next victim – a cop he suspects is dirty. He’s worried that somebody inside the precinct is responsible. Maybe somebody making a point about corruption. They follow a lead from Harper to that van they heard all about.

Hey, there’s Professor Pyg with his last victim, taunting him as we go to commercial. Boy, imagine being a cop who survived that time all the serial killers attached the station, and that guy with the electric generator, and the time the Mayor came back to life and attacked with a sword, and the time the luchadores walked in the door and started killing people. You survive all of those incidents, only to get killed by a dude wearing a pig head.

Back at the fight club, Grundy’s fighting again. This time it’s some GWAR-looking guy using a chain as a whip. He manages to knock Grundy down, but Grundy caves his head in with a makeshift mace.

Zsasz reports back to Penguin on Sofia’s activities, including a meeting with the zoning commissioner. She bought some property and is turning it into a fortress. Penguin thinks this means she’s planning a war and tells Zsasz they need to have a chat with her. (“Just to be clear, is this a chat chat, or a shovel in the trunk chat?” “Better bring the shovel.”)

Riddler talks to Lee after the fight and she reminds him that she’s not a neurologist. I’m glad everybody who’s not Ed knows how seriously to take this “Ed wants to get smart again” story. So he threatens her clinic even though he can’t think of the words “blackmail” and “threat”. Also, he can’t think of a threat. He’s going to do something to the clinic if she doesn’t help him and Lee laughs in his face. Hee!

Bullock and Gordon track the van and enter the warehouse where it’s parked. They finally find the last victim, but he’s still alive under the pig head. But the mask is attached to a live grenade in his stomach. When Gordon removes it, the pin come out and the guy explodes as our guys dive to safety. The blast is enough to knock them out, and Gordon wakes up alone, duct-taped to a chair. Pyg comes in, pleased as punch to meet him. He’s a big fan of Gordon’s, but less fond of Bullock. Pyg promises Harvey is still alive for now and Gordon is completely safe. Damn, Michael Cerveris is having so much fun here. He’s a man in an apron and a pig head and he busts out some dance moves as he explains that he won’t stop until he kills every cop on Penguin’s payroll. And then he offers Gordon a sausage and I can’t believer we had to wait so long for this pure joy. Gordon tries to reason with the man wearing a pig head, but Pyg runs off once he hears Bullock yelling. As Pyg prepares to kill Harvey, Gordon pitches his chair backwards and over a railing, down to the next floor. So that hurt. Pyg cuts Bullock’s throat and runs away. Gordon gets there just in time to use his necktie to stop the bleeding.

At the clinic, Lee discovers a lot of her supplies are missing. Penguin goes to see Sofia and she apologizes for canceling. He accuses her of plotting against him and then demands she take him to her “fortress”. Lee shows up at the fight club and demands Ed give her the money Grundy made – she’ll help if he turns it over. And I misread that earlier scene – her supplies aren’t missing, she doesn’t have the supplies she needs. Her clinic is on a shoestring and she’s doing it because the poor people in the Narrows got hit harder by the Tetch Virus and that was sort of her fault. But she can’t fund the clinic on her own. She also tells Riddler how he could have blackmailed her effectively, but he doesn’t care because he’s going to be smart again. Grundy is very happy for him.

Sofia takes Penguin and Zsasz to her property, which turns out to be a hotel she converted into an orphanage. Penguin and Zsasz reacting in their own ways to small children is hilarious. Sofia makes another lunch date with Penguin and everything is solved. Oh, she’s good.

Bullock wakes up in the hospital. He’s in rough shape, but he’ll be OK. He points out to Gordon that Pyg cut him just deep enough that Gordon had to choose between saving him and going after the villain. And then Gordon confronts him – Harvey must be taking money from Penguin. He wants to know how long, and Bullock tearfully admits it was just since the licenses. It didn’t change anything he did, since he’s been ordered to accept the licenses, but Gordon’s not happy. A news report in the background uses the name “Professor Pyg” for the first time in the episode.

Cut to Pyg, talking to a sty full of pigs. It’s incredibly creepy and if each of those pigs is going to be a mask for a victim, it’s going to be a bloodbath.


–In case you missed it, I talked about Professor Pyg yesterday, so if you want some background, check that out. I’ve been asking for Pyg ever since they put somebody in a pig mask in Season One, and they finally heard my pleas. I love you, Gotham.

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