We’re getting down to the wire with Gotham and this week we’re getting a look inside Jim Gordon’s head. We also get Zsasz and Ivy and hallucinations and poison and plenty of shootings and a little moment of hope. Are you ready for “The Trial of Jim Gordon”?

Gordon is planning to set up a cease fire among the gangs, and Lee is sure he’s just going to get himself killed. Meanwhile, assembling representatives of the various gang at Penguin’s is not going smoothly. Barbara is frustrated at how long it takes to build a submarine, and things are a mess. Finally, Gordon and the cops show up. He opens with a speech, stressing that if they don’t work together, they’re going to run out of water. Reunification won’t happen if the fighting doesn’t stop. They seem poised to agree, but then there’s a gunshot. They can’t tell where the bullet came from, but it hit Gordon.


Gordon’s bleeding out in the Penguin’s foyer while the gangs watch. Bullock and Harper take the lead to get him out of there. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina go on a scavenge mission in an abandoned fancy house, but it’s all a setup and Bruce planned the closest thing they can have to a date. But somebody is watching them, and that person…. has hair.

The cops get Gordon to GCPD and Lee sets to work on him and Bullock announces that he’s going to be fine. He is basing this on nothing. And he’s afraid the gangs are going to run wild so it’s time for a show of force. For his part, he’s going to figure out who shot James Gordon. Lee starts to operate and then we go into a dying Gordon’s dream. It’s the titular trial of Jim Gordon.

Back at the date, Bruce confesses he doesn’t think things will ever be back to normal. He’s starting to thing Gotham is constantly in danger because of him and maybe he should leave. And then in walks Ivy.

Bullock shows up at Penguin’s and cold cocks him. He demands to know who shot Gordon and Penguin says Gordon’s the one to blame. Then he suggests Barbara wanted him dead so she could keep her baby. Penguin finally points out the hole in the window that means the shot came from outside. Bullock works out the ballistics and finds a hunk of the bullet. Barbara asks if she can help and he asks her to keep the gangs from tearing the city apart.

Ivy says she has plans for Bruce and just to keep Selina busy, she brought along that guy Selina almost killed in a street fight. You know, the one based on the mutant leader from Dark Knight Returns. Ivy restrains Bruce and the pheromones take over. She leaves, instructing the Mutant Leader to cut out Selina’s heart.

Gordon remains comatose as Lee watches over him. In his head, it’s time for the prosecution to make the opening remarks. The prosecutor…. Gordon. Other Gordon lists all his failures and poses the question – are the people in his life better off with Gordon alive or dead? To that end, they call their first witness – Lee Thompkins. In the real world, Bullock pops in to check on him and with the fragments he recovered, he can piece together enough of the bullet to tell that it’s Zsasz’s autographed ammo.

Cut to Zsasz having a shootout with a dozen cops in front of GCPD. He says he’s just there to finish Gordon off and doesn’t need to kill anybody else. While he’s shooting cops, Alfred just walks up to him and knocks him out, and I laughed very hard at that.

Selina tries to talk down the Mutant Leader but he’s mad and also under Ivy’s control. She manages to take him down anticlimactically. At GCPD, Bullock threatens Zsasz and wants to know why he’s even going after Gordon, given that he saved his life. He says Zsasz should be after Penguin, if anybody. “That’s a really good point. Maybe I’ll go after him next.” Hee! Also, he says it’s not up to him. He’s working for somebody but won’t say who. He talks about being in love and Bullock figures it’s Ivy. Alfred brings Lee some coffee and checks on Gordon. Then he wants to talk about the fight she and Gordon had that morning, and it’s hilarious that they fight so much that Alfred is in the loop. He’s in on the water cooler gossip! Alfred talks to her about how he never wanted to be a father but he feels like a father to Bruce and that’s all that matters. And she’ll be a good mother to Gordon’s kid, whether Barbara is in their life or not.

In Coma World, Lee testifies against Gordon. She doesn’t even get to the time he shot her husband in the head and it’s still pretty damning. She confirms she’d be better off with Gordon dead. Hey, keep in mind that not only are Ben McKenzie and Monica Bellucci real life married, but Ben wrote this episode. Let’s not analyze it too deeply and instead focus on the fact that the jury is all people who died in the Haven explosion and they’re still on fire. Prosecutor Gordon says the verdict is in and he’s guilty.

Zsasz tells the cop who’s watching him about being in love, then another mind-controlled cop knocks the first cop and Ivy comes in with a sack of guns. She’s going to kill Gordon and Zsasz just has to keep the cops busy. Literally the thing he’s best at.

Bruce makes his way to Lucius’ lab, where our friend is trying to detoxify the water. Bruce makes an annoyed sound at the mention of keeping people safe and Lucius gets the great line: “Did you just say ‘People. Uchh’?” HA! Bruce is all the way mind-controlled and doses Lucius with some of Ivy’s perfume so now they’re both on board with shutting down the plant.

Barbara hosts a gang get-together and pours drinks for all the leaders. She gives a victorious speech about Gordon’s impending death. Penguin shows up and wants to know what’s going on, and she says it’s a backup plan in case the submarine doesn’t work. She demands a cease fire and tells everybody the drinks were poisoned – the guy who drank two shots dies and she tells everyone that they have to turn in all their guns in 48 hours to get the antidote.

Lucius and Bruce start to shut down the water treatment system, but a security alarm goes off. It’s Selina. Bruce heads out to stop her. Bullock tells the cops that Ivy is loose and they need to find her. Then Zsasz walks in and opens fire. He shoots people and talks about how great Ivy is and what a good couple they are. Alfred heads out to investigate the gunshots, leaving Lee alone with Gordon. In his dream, Bullock and the other cops celebrate his wake along with the villains. Penguin, Scarecrow, the Court of Owls, Professor Pyg… it’s a fun dream reunion! Except for how Gordon is dying. He says he can’t be a father if everybody around him dies, and then Will, the kid who died in the Haven bombing tells him his best isn’t good enough and it’s time to go. In the real world, Gordon flatlines. And that’s when Ivy shows up. Lee pulls a scalpel on her and it is going to be a fight.

Zsasz just keeps shooting to keep everybody away from Ivy. Lee wants to know what Gordon did to Ivy and, I mean, you can make the case he’s partially responsible for her father’s death, but she’s more focused on how Gotham can be reborn, but not if it’s reunited with the mainland. What Ivy doesn’t know is that Lee was Queen of the Narrows and she has no problem with straight up shooting Ivy once she gets her hands on a gun. Ivy staggers but she gets her hands on a syringe of something Gordon needs (adrenaline, maybe) and shatters it before she limps off.

Selina tries to get Bruce to shake of Ivy’s control and it’s a pretty good fight before she finally just hits him enough that he gets his brains back. Then they have to stop Lucius, who’s still in love. Selina just kicks him in the face and that’s enough to get him out of the way. They get the water treatment back online and head back to GCPD.

Speaking of, Bullock has but on Ed’s bomb disposal suit and started taunting Zsasz. The armor keeps him alive and he gets close enough to knock out Zsasz. Lee tries to resuscitate Gordon, and in the dream, the dead child brings him to the electric chair and Gordon’s pretty much OK with it.

Once Jim is strapped into the electric chair, Lee turns up with a baby. Their baby. She shows him the baby and then drops it. Geez, this is crazy dark. The dead kid pulls the switch to electrocute him and at that moment, Lee manages to resuscitate him. He has one thing to ask Lee. And then we cut to one month later when Lee and Gordon are married at the GCPD Building with all of their friends in attendance. It is super cute, they both look amazing, Bullock gives a great speech and it’s a note of hope in their broken city.

I mean, yeah, Bane is coming, but let’s just let them have this moment.

In a quick epilogue, Penguin tells Barbara he’s never going to let her just leave with the baby and I am more convinced than ever that Barbara is going to die heroically very soon.


–Sorry this is late, but we’ve got a long break coming, so I’m pacing myself. I just want to point out Ben McKenzie wrote this episode, Erin Richards directed it, and it was the last one they shot. I’d like to think the wedding was their last day of shooting, but I don’t know for sure.

We’ll talk about Bane next week and then just hang out for those final two episodes at the end of April.

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