During these trying times when, among so many other things, you may be quarantined in your home with young people, we’ve turned to an actual young person to tell you what you should be watching. Walker Young is here to help.

Hello everyone, my name is Walker. With all the stuff going on in the world I think it would be nice just to read this and take your mind off the CoronaVirus. So as many of you know FOX has filmed a new show called LEGO Masters. I am a big fan of LEGO, in fact when I was watching the new episode I was playing with my LEGOs.

I think that the Golden Brick is a good idea for a prize but personally I would make it like a trophy so along with the money you could get the brick as a trophy. Do we know if the Golden Brick is real gold or is it just fool’s gold? Don’t you think that having the golden brick means having immunity for one round is kind of too overpowered? I mean, I get that it makes for A) more dramatic content and B) it gives the person who has it a sense of higher standing than everyone else. Currently Mark and Boone have the Golden Brick.

The latest episode was probably the easiest to call. I mean, COME ON! Amy and Tyler’s build was on three different floating platforms! When the twist came, they just made the story better with the giant carrot and the flying broccoli. That was just the cherry on the top. It was also easy to call who was going to lose. Flynn and Richard had been doing well in previous challenges but in this challenge I think they just had trouble getting into the mind of a kid.

Having Nicole Byer as a guest judge is a great idea. I liked her in Netflix’s baking show Nailed It. I thought it was not as funny as it could have been but other than that it was alright. Will Arnett thinking that they are going to replace him is an OK idea but he didn’t play it well and when Terry Crews comes on next episode I think it’s just going to get worse. Other than that Will has done a great job as the host (keep it up Will).

So I would recommend watching it because, I mean really, what else do you have going on? So anyway I hope reading this took your mind off anything that may be happening so this is Walker signing off.

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