During these trying times when, among so many other things, you may be quarantined in your home with young people, we’ve turned to an actual young person to tell you what you should be watching. Walker Young is here to help.

I realized that I haven’t written an article on the final season of Star Wars: Clone Wars. So the first four episodes of the new season were primarily focused on the Bad Batch or clone force 99, which is a reference to the Clone Wars episode “Rookies”  (season 1 episode 5) where the clone 99 dies saving his friends. The episodes after that are now focused on Ahsoka Tano and what happened to her after she left the Jedi order.

The Bad Batch are a group of defective Clones with desirable mutations. Their leader Hunter is a clone with heightened senses, Wrecker is a clone with excessive strength, Tech needs glasses and is super smart, and Crosshairs has great aim. The story is that Echo is alive and Anakin, Rex, and the Bad Batch go to find his signal. They eventually find him and they have a very powerful scene where Echo joins the Bad Batch.

The fifth and sixth episode introduce two new characters, Trace and Rafa Martez. Rafa Martez is a mechanic who does odd jobs and Trace is a “pilot” who is fixing a ship and rents out her tools and some of her hanger to make credits. After Ahsoka’s speeder bike crashed she fell onto Trace’s hanger, Trace offered to let Ahsoka use her tools and a table in her hanger to rebuild her bike. The latest episode left off with Rafa, Trace, and Ahsoka scamming the crime family, the Pykes. They try to get away, but the Pykes surround them, trying to prevent their escape. What I think will happen is Count Dooku is going to be at the Pyke’s base and he will reveal Ahsoka’s true identity.

So that should wrap up my article for The Clone Wars season seven. Here’s an idea: if you have Disney+ just watch the seventh season. Think about what might happen and why.

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