During these trying times when, among so many other things, you may be quarantined in your home with young people, we’ve turned to an actual young person to tell you what you should be watching. Walker Young is here to help.

The Hangover Saga

I have recently watched all of the Hangover movies (and we can all agree that the Hangover is better than Bridesmaids). The Hangover movies are a really great saga of movies (especially when you watch them in the span of twenty-four hours). So in this article I will talk about how the movies are similar and also really different.

The Hangover is a great movie that I would completely recommend. This is a movie to watch if you just can’t think of something, I guarantee you will have a great laugh. The stars of the movie Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis), and I guess you could count Doug (Justin Bartha) work great together and they make for a hilarious group of friends. Mike Tyson playing a role as Mike Tyson was hilarious, I also thought it was funny that it was Mike Tyson’s tiger in their room. The ending was probably the most dumb ending to a mystery ever. I was so disappointed that I didn’t figure it out instantly. It is such a dumb reveal and it makes you feel like an idiot when you don’t figure it out. Any who Ken Jeong playing the role of Mr.Chow is one of the most hilarious characters in the entire saga. I could go on and on about the first movie but this is the saga article so on to the next movie.

Soooooooo it happened again, The Hangover 2 is a great movie and you don’t even have to have seen the first one. The addition of Teddy (Mason Lee) is a lot like Alan if you think about it, they both are the younger brother of the bride and everyone felt kind of awkward around the new guy. Anyway the second movie was kind of the same as the first movie where Alan drugs them then they lose one of their friends and they have to find him. Then they run into Chow half way through the movie. Who saw that Mr. Chow was going to get captured, I know I didn’t, I thought that he was going to become part of the Wolfpack. But again I felt like an idiot when I couldn’t figure out what happened to Teddy, even when they were shoving it in my face. I can’t believe Teddy was just stuck in an elevator just chilling while he bled out his thumb, for 2 days no less.

In The Hangover 3 Chow escapes from prison and Marshall (John Goodman) (the bad guy) wants to find him because he stole half of 42 million dollars so 21 million and Marshall wants to kill Chow and take back the money. So in retaliation Marshall kidnaps “The Wolfpack” and says they have to find Chow or he will kill Doug (then he kidnapped Doug). The Wolfpack sets off to find Chow, but as it turns out Alan had got a text from Chow saying to meet up with him, it was signed Chow but being the idiot Alan is he thought is meant “ciao” as in the Italian goodbye. So they meet up with Chow and they go to Chow’s place and he tells them that he has 21 million in his old mansion. So they get to the mansion and take the money but Chow locks them in the basement. But as it turns out they broke into Marshall’s house and stole the other 21 million from Marshall so that sucks, but Marshall let them go and killed black Doug. Then they go to Vegas and find Chow, only thing is they can’t get into the room. So Phil tells Stu to stay lookout and Alan to come with him and then they go from the roof to Chow’s room’s ledge in kind of a crazy way using a rope of towels. Then they have a giant fight with Chow which ends up with Chow and Marshall shoots Chow (who is in the trunk) but then it is revealed that Chow escaped and killed Marshall. And finally Alan gets married but that’s when The Hangover 3 really starts.

I think that the third Hangover movie is really a Wolfpack  movie because the first and second movie follow the same structure, one of their friends gets married, they get drunk can’t remember anything, end up somewhere different, can’t find their friend, then try and find their friend but it’s the wrong guy, Chow attacks them, then everything is fine but they can’t get to the wedding, but they get to the wedding in an extraordinary way. But in The Hangover 3, they don’t even get drunk until the last scene. The third movie is more of an action movie rather than a mystery-comedy movie. My theory is that the third Hangover movie doesn’t start until the after credit scene after Alan’s wedding. So in my head the Hangover movies are in this order:

1: The Hangover

2: The Hangover 2

3: The Wolfpack   \

4: The Hangover 3

Finally all I have to say is that the Hangover Saga is a great series of movies (the first is the best) and it is a great movie if you just want to laugh. If you want to watch the first movie on Xfinity I would rent it because the swearing is a big part of the movie. Baby Carlos is my favorite character and the scene when Alan talks to toddler Carlos is a really nice scene and just gives you a little warmth in your heart. In other news, this Walker signing off.

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