You guys, I’m very torn about how to feel about Rick Grimes right now.  Over the years, I’ve felt everything from admiration to pity for the guy, and I’ve very rarely felt he was flat out wrong in his choices, except maybe when he banished Carol from the prison.  But, right now, he seems more guided by Little Ricky than any rational thought.  While Carol didn’t exactly help this matter by directly telling Rick to kill Pete, she’s keeping her cool.  Then again, maybe she’s been a little too cool, since Deanna’s reaction to her Pity Casserole was to leave it on the porch and burn the sympathy note that accompanied it.  

Everyone’s antennae are up, and lines are being drawn between the “native” Alexandrians and our group in the wake of Aiden’s and Noah’s horrific deaths. Nicholas told his version of the truth to Deanna (“These people have to go. They’re not like us.”) and that was juxtaposed perfectly with Glenn’s version, which we know to be the truth.  Later, when talking to Rick at the makeshift cemetery, Deanna makes it clear that she sees things that are happening, but doesn’t always act to change the ones that are morally repugnant if it doesn’t serve the community at large.  So, she may very well know that Nicholas is a coward and a liar; she certainly seemed to be aware of her son’s shortcomings in the character department back when Glenn and Daryl beat him up a few weeks ago.  Who knows how many lives have been lost because Nicholas and Aiden just abandoned people in the woods?

Just as bad as that questionable leadership decision is the one that lets Pete continue to beat his wife (and maybe his kids) because he happens to be a surgeon. (And, it would seem, a functioning alcoholic. Is that guy ever sober?)  Does this speak to the bigger theme that people who are deemed more important or valuable to society get preferential treatment?  Of course it does; that happens all the time in our current society, so some things clearly will never change.  Rick tells her Pete should be killed, but Deanna feels banishment (not for Pete, necessarily, but in general) would be the way to go.  Does she not get that if you banish someone and they don’t die, they’ll likely gather a group and come back to the land of protective walls and McMansions to stake their claim?

Glenn tells Nicholas he’s not to go on any more runs and when Nicholas asks if that’s a threat, Glenn replies that he’s saving him, noting that had the walls of Alexandria not gone up when they did, he’d be dead.  My money’s on that happening in the finale one way or the other, especially once we saw that he was the one who’d absconded with Rick’s hidden gun and stashed it elsewhere for safekeeping.

Daryl and Aaron were out and about and found some fresh, random zombie parts, with crucial things like heads and torsos missing.  They also found a zombie tied to a tree with her insides gone and a “W” carved into her forehead.  No doubt that will come back in the finale as well.

Out in the woods as well were teen loners Enid and Carl.  Their flirtation was textbook awkward, but a thousand times moreso because none of us had to hide from walkers in a hollowed out tree on any of our first dates.

Speaking of dates, Sasha was joined on a fun Girls Day Out by Michonne and Rosita, who were looking way too suburbanized, like they were heading to brunch rather than kicking some walker ass.  While Michonne admitted to feeling like she’s been asleep in Alexandria, both she and Rosita agree that they want to make something of this place.  It seems Sasha’s PTSD is still raging and she’s taken to full-time zombie hunting to keep her busy and sharp and to perhaps assuage her guilt over the most recent loss of Noah, who she feels bad for telling he wasn’t going to make it.

And we’re back to Rick and Jessie and their intense chemistry making everything crazy.  After Pete attempted to approach Rick outside one night but got told to “Keep Walking”, Rick got Jessie to admit that Pete hits her but she didn’t want his help in the matter.  Rick being Rick, though, he was not going to take no for an answer. He told her he wanted to help her a second time, but was met with the question: “would you do this for anyone else?”  He had to admit that no, he wouldn’t.  As the two stood dangerously close, Dr. Pete stumbled into his house and was immediately furious at what he saw.  When Jessie told him to leave, he lost it.  This launched Rick into protective mode and he responded by throwing Pete through a window, spilling their fight onto the street.  It continued for quite a long time, actually, and I was just afraid Rick was going to go for Pete’s jugular with his teeth.  Just as he was telling Deanna how things were going to be run differently now and looking like crazy eyes Rick, Michonne walked up in her uniform and cold cocked him.

So this all has to come to a head in the season finale, right?  Will Rick be banished?  Will Carol finally be nice to that poor kid?  Will Aaron and Daryl start writing the buddy cop comedy we all know they’d be great in?  I’ll be back next week to discuss it here!



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